Kudoz Gu-Rilla “Mind Is A Jungle” EP

Kudoz Gu-Rilla is a very diverse and unique artist, set to release his 1st E.P. on all major platforms this summer. Kudoz Gu-Rilla hails from North-East London and has been hailed as the next BIG artist to hit the UK rap scene.His style is very astute and he is definitely a force to be reckoned with as an artist. His fusion of Old-Skool Hip-Hop and modernistic sounds, gives him the edge on his competitors, with his contemporary brand of Rap. He is at home with his cadence and flow on any style of music and a commanding tone also. Kudoz Gu-Rilla has a background in Sound engineering, and has a great artistic depth. He was raised in a very musical household, his father being a Saxophonist in the “Uhuru Dance Band” that toured Africa in the late 60’s. Look out for this brand new and exciting artist with his upcoming E.P. “Mind Is A Jungle”.

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